Frequently Asked Questions Related to UPUM Services

No. FAQs
1. What is the function of UPUM?

UPUM was formed as a platform to offer the university’s professional expert services to the government as well as to the public sectors.

2. What is the meaning of consultancy?

Consultancy is an activity that involves a person or a group of people giving specialized or expert service to another party that requires such service, whether with or without payment.

3. Is UPUM registered with the Ministry Of Finance (MOF)?

Yes. UPUM is registered with the MOF in offering the consultancy services.

4. Should the staff obtained approval from the university in order to be involved in consultancy work?

Yes. Every staff is required to obtain written approval from the University to carry out or be involved in consultancy work.

5. Do the staffs have to apply the approval of the University to carry out consultancy work by themselves?

No. UPUM shall process, on behalf of the staff, the application for approval of the University to carry out consultancy work. A copy of this approval letter shall be forwarded to the Department of Human Resources for its record.

6. Should the staff referred to UPUM even though the consultancy work obtained by the staff personally?

Yes. All consultancy work in the University must be carried out through UPUM, even if the work is initially obtained by the staff concerned. This is to ensure that the proposed paper is prepared properly and consultancy with the client is carried out systematically and professionally

7. Will the staff be rewarded for the involvement with the consultancy work?

Yes. The staff will be rewarded according to specific calculation with their involvement in consultancy work.

8. Is terms and contract agreement applied in the consultancy work?

Yes. The consultant staffs is responsible for implementing the consultancy contract according to the terms of the consultancy contract agreement.

9. What is the role of UPUM in the consultancy work?

UPUM shall give advice and help to staff regarding preparation of expenditure and consultancy proposal paper, and other relevant matters.

10. Should staff apply for leave in order to do the consultancy work?

The staff is required to apply for leave of absence (without record) if the consultancy work involves travelling a great distance (outstation).

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