UPUM, an acronym for University of Malaya Consultancy Unit was formed in June 1992 to offer University expertise to government and private sectors with full time staff manning the Unit. Before its formation, most of the consultancy and contract research works were undertaken at the faculties at individual levels.

As the demand to provide these services is on the increase and requires better quality professional input, the University has decided to move forward and thus formed this Unit so that it can run like any other consultancy and management industry and consequently undertake a more challenging task.

The Unit is also able to have good co-ordination with various faculty members within the University. Therefore, the Unit not only undertakes a single type of professional service but can also undertake an interdisciplinary nature of work. With the University having different types of disciplines in the Faculty from Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Medical to Social Sciences, the multi or interdisciplinary services provided by the Unit can be obtained within the same organization.

Since the University of Malaya is the longest established university in the country, it has a lot of manpower resources and facilities to offer to industries. UPUM will undertake the task to market these potential resources for the benefit of the industries in particular and the nation in general.

University of Malaya Consultancy Unit (UPUM) is registered with the Ministry of Finance, Telekom Berhad, Tenaga National Berhad and e-Perolehan to provide multi discipline consultancy services.


Fostering Efficiency Effectiveness, and Enhancing Productivity and Up-Grading Service in The Profession, Industry, Community and Nation Through Synergistic Utilisation of Available Resources

To be An Internationally Renowned Consultancy Centre By Harnessing The Expertise of The University To Benefit Industry, Nation and Mankind.

UPUM was established with the following objectives:

◊ To provide consultancy and contract research works to various government departments and industries;

◊ To offer professional services and courses to public and private sectors;

◊ To have greater interaction with industries;

◊ To carry out technological transfer to industries;

◊ To introduce various academic and professional expertise available from the University;

UPUM as an interceding (medium) between clients and consultants, has have to ensure that all consultants give their best commitment and adhered to the ISO standards.

UPUM offers its expertise from the University in several ways: by providing consultancy and specialized works, by undertaking joint venture works, by carrying out contract assignments or by undertaking joint venture projects with other industries or government sectors.

As UPUM is one of the business arm of the University of Malaya, it provides a complete range of integrated services, which makes the Unit unique in its field.

UPUM acts as a specialized consultant, providing one or more of the following services:

◊ Technical and research assistance

◊ Feasibility investigations

◊ Impact assessment and site-specific surveys

◊ Monitoring, processing and analysis of field data

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